Who we are


Halapage is an Italian brand born from the idea of two women with very different personalities, but united by a strong friendship and and desire to create versatile and original garments.

Eleonora Geria, sunny and mediterranean, and Tania Paganoni, Nordic and cheeky, blend style, passion and resourcefulness to create a trendy garment that enhances the physicality of every woman, the Kimono.

This crazy love for the Kimono, a timeless fluid garment, capable of reinventing itself and adapting to different styles and eras, originally regal and sumptuous, but which evolves into a casual version for every age and culture, making a journey through time, marking a eternal dialogue between east and west.

The wonder of a garment that is simple in structure, but which emanates sensuality and mystery, adapting to the body of every woman, wrapping its shapes and soul in perpetual harmony.

That's why we are so madly in love with it and we are sure that you will love it too!

From the catwalks to our wardrobes, to the streets where it is worn open, deconstructed, as if it were a jacket, with jeans or shorts, a little boho, as the Coachella Festival teaches, in every version the celebrities adore it and are constantly witnesses of excellence.

The brand's vision is to offer seasonless kimonos that combine elegance and comfort, making this iconic garment the bridge between the essential Japanese spirit and the hectic Western life.

Carefully selected fabrics, prints with original Halapage designs and quality of manufacture are fundamental components of the brand that tends to promote conscious and quality shopping.

The women who choose Halapage have fun experimenting different styles with a single garment creating new trends. They are glamorous, enterprising and curious.