Kimono Voile Floral black




Indispensable and spectacular. The summer kimono is in voile, screwed and with wide rectangular sleeves in the Japanese style.

The Floral Black print is a design elaborated by Halapage, it represents a paisley floral pattern of various colors, turquoise, teal, red and beige on a black background.

130 cm long, one size, comes with a matching belt.

Features that will get your heart racing:

* The lightness and softness of voile.
* Its particular sleeves that give a special elegance to the garment.
* Like all Halapage garments it is made in Italy, in a tailored way and in a limited edition!

How to wear it?
The kimono is a timeless and timeless garment. It embellishes and at the same time lightens any type of outfit. You can wear it:
* Over an evening dress so as not to go unnoticed.

* Combined with the Floral Black Trousers for a super glam outfit
* Paired with a black top and pants for a summer night on the town.
* Over a tank top and denim shorts for an afternoon of walking.
* On the swimsuit by the sea or by the pool.

Materials and care

100% PL



Production and shipping times
After purchasing your Halapage garment you will receive a confirmation email that will inform you of the shipping times, 3-5 days if the garment is already available, 10-12 days if it needs to be restocked. Contact us at customer service if you need any information.


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